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BIBA works to shift more dollars to community-based businesses by providing information to help people make fully informed decisions about where they spend their money and recognize the full value that those businesses provide Boulder County.

BIBA also advocates for independent business owners as their voice in local policy decisions toward encouraging and nurturing an environment for local entrepreneurs.

Member listings are currently distributed to Boulder County residents through our web site, member businesses, the Boulder Weekly, event fliers, and pocket guides.

The Local & Loving It Card - a community benefit card program - provides cardholders with discounts at over half of our member businesses. Business owners are gaining new customers, and patrons have another incentive to do business locally.

BIBA is a nonprofit organization funded by member businesses and community supporters.

BIBA's accomplishments

  • First Independent Business Alliance in the country, founded 13 years ago.
  • Helped prevent a Wal-Mart from opening in East Boulder.
  • Spawned the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), with 50 local alliances around the country as members.
  • Influenced Boulder County folks' shopping habits through 13 years of publicity.
  • Helped transform the Pearl Street Mall's commercial character to one of nearly-total local ownership.
  • Influenced local governments' strategic plans to value BIBA-type businesses.
  • Forged alliances with city and county governments, and other business-boosting organizations such as the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).

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