Advocacy Projects

BIBA has a track-record of successful advocacy initiatives.  Here is what is on the docket for 2011:


On June 6th, switch your banking to a local credit union or financial institution.  Small institutions are more stable than large, mega-investment banks.  Collectively moving your money is a way to tell the large firms that you don't approve of their business practices.

If we have another economical meltdown, these small banks and institutions will better weather the fiscal storm.

Visit moveyourmoneyproject.org and newrules.org for information regarding why this is important to the community (and, ultimately, beneficial to you).

Click here to access a convenient "switch kit" that will allow you to effortlessly transfer your funds, assets, mortgages, and other loans to a local and independent entity.  6/6 Slideshow.

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Small businesses don't have the same kind of resources that massive corporations have.  We need to level the playing field.  Introducing "Flip That Business," a new program that creates a solid workforce collective that focuses on enhancing select businesses (those with volunteer hours exceeding 80 hours within the program).

Our first effort is the Boulder Outlook Hotel.  The plan is to reupholster the Blues & Greens restaurant, as well as install water efficient valves in every toilet, saving an astronomical volume of water each year.


Historic laws were structured in such a way that liquor stores were inherently local and independent.  New legislation threatens their longevity and, ultimately, your choices and variety of selection for microbrews, specialty liquors, and more.

Don't allow supermarkets and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer.  That puts their foot in the door to selling wine, spirits, and more, ultimately putting independent liquor stores out of business.  This doesn't just hurt business, it hurts us all.  Colorado is known for its great microbrew selection; please help preserve its reputation!

Click here to read a letter from Ravi Dykema of our Board: Letter In-Response to House Bill 1279.

Fortunately, this bill did not receive enough votes to pass, but members of the Colorado Retail Council will likely propose similar incentives in the near future.


October 15th marks the third annual Local & Loving It Fest - an expo featuring local businesses, Boulder artists, great food, and fun for the whole family.  To see last year's participants click here.

If you are a business interested in having a booth at the event, or a sponsor looking to promote your name, please contact us.

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