A bill will be introduced in this legislative session allowing grocery stores, convenience stores, and big box stores to sell full-strength beer. Your first impression might be …”great!”, but if you think about the consequences, you’ll feel differently.

This would eliminate 3.2 beer entirely, and double the amount of sale outlets. The convenience and grocery stores say they were hurt by the repeal of the blue law, but liquor stores are not legally allowed to sell any food products or gas. There are 1600 small liquor stores in Colorado that would lose at least 30% of their sales. The majority will not be able to remain in business

The current system checks compliance of existing licensees regularly, ensuring alcohol remains for adults. When a license is not in compliance, they shut the doors, and perhaps lose their business. This ensures the liquor establishment takes the responsibility seriously, thus protecting the public.  Grocery, big box, and convenience stores do not have the same history, or consequences.

Colorado enjoys one of the largest selections of wine, spirits and craft brews in the country. Today we have 108 licensed breweries, with 106 of them listed as “craft brews”. We enjoy this large selection due to the current system. The independent retailer supports these craft brews.  The big box stores have a selection process that would limit my options. The Colorado Brewers Guild, the Colorado Wine Industry Board, the Colorado Wine &Spirits Wholesalers, and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States are all opposed to this legislation.

This legislation would have a negative impact on our community: more access to alcohol, loss of jobs, and loss of selection. Local, independent stores keep their money in Colorado, and support Colorado business. The supporters of this legislation do not.

Please help us preserve our reputation as the "Microbrew Capital."  This legislation is not something that is good for Colorado or our current economy.  Please vote against this bill.


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