Benefits For Businesses

A basic membership with BIBA costs $200, and here's what you get:


  1. Joint marketing through print, web, and video-based platforms.
  2. Brand recognition with an ethical, active organization.
  3. Directory listing and backlinking to your company's website.
  4. Access to a wide network of power partners and potential clients.
  5. Access to numerous networking, educational, and community events.
  6. Word-of-mouth and social media promotion of your upcoming events.
  7. Flip That Business campaign where other businesses help enhance your efforts and give feedback.
  8. Editorials and campaigns that discuss issues relevant to your industry and advocate for your needs.


Our job is to bridge the communication gap between customers and local businesses, which allows for more personal and effective interactions.


Although BIBA does partner and integrate with the Boulder Chamber, there are some distinct differences:

  1. BIBA does not allow corporate or franchise participation.
  2. BIBA has a overarching ethical focus.
  3. Our main focus is to support, promote, advocate, and enhance local businesses.
  4. Our incentive is not financially motivated

BIBA is a nonprofit organization, funded entirely by grants, member dues, and community contributors.  Our efforts are to help you, as business owners, make money and be sustainable.  That will indirectly affect our town in extremely positive ways.

Support our network of local businesses. Join BIBA now.

Benefits for Community Members

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